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Look at Greensboro

Look at Greensboro

Look at Greensboro is a fun and quirky city filled with interesting shops, restaurants, and kitschy attractions. Spend the day racing go-karts at Celebration Station or check out the 19th-century baby carriage at the antique mall.

History buffs will appreciate the Guilford Courthouse, where a battle took place 240 years ago and helped shaped America’s history.

1. City Market

At City Market, you will find a one-of-a-kind downtown collection of shops and restaurants in the heart of Greensboro. Back in the day, farmers from all over North Carolina would roll into town in their trucks and horse-drawn carts to sell their produce, meats, seafood, flowers, home-baked goods, and more. Today, you’ll still find many of the same great items, just in a much more modern setting!

Greensboro’s Harristeeter has 7 grocery stores to help you stock up on fresh produce, dry goods, home supplies, health products, and more. Shop in-store, online, or with curbside pickup. You’re sure to save when you Shop Smart with Harristeeter!

2. Weatherspoon Art Museum

Located at Spring Garden and Tate Streets on the University of North Carolina at Greensboro campus, the Weatherspoon Art Museum is one of the foremost collections of modern and contemporary art in the Southeast. The Museum holds fifteen or more exhibitions each year, a permanent collection of over 14,000 works, and offers year-round educational activities.

The museum features a large, free parking lot. The museum has two stories and there is a huge elevator available if you don’t want to take the stairs.

The Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden is famous for its imposing bronze sculptures and beautiful flowers. This 7.5-acre park also has many other appealing qualities, such as a charming bridal gazebo and a man-made re-circulating stream that adds a tranquil element to the gardens. It also houses several seminars and events for all ages. The Garden’s current exhibition, Dread & Delight: Fairy Tales in an Anxious World, is a showcase of how contemporary artists use classical fairy tales to explore issues that are important to all of us.

3. Guilford Courthouse

On March 15, 1781, General Nathanael Greene’s army faced British General Lord Charles Cornwallis on the battlefield now part of the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park. It was the largest and most important battle of the Revolutionary War’s Southern Campaign.

Greene commanded about 4,500 Continental troops and militiamen. Adopting a tactic used by Daniel Morgan at the Battle of Cowpens, he divided his army into three lines. The first line was composed of North Carolina militia. The second was made up of Virginia militiamen. The third was a stronger unit comprised of Virginia Continentals.

Take a stroll around the grounds and explore the history. The visitor center provides a great overview of the battle and its impact on America’s independence. It also covers the entire Southern Campaign.

4. Crafted

Despite being nicknamed “Tournament Town,” Greensboro isn’t short on advanced manufacturing operations. It is also home to five four-year colleges, a growing two-year community college, and a law school, making it an education hub where opportunities begin, grow, and thrive.

The city has more buildings by famous American designers than many other North Carolina cities. This is thanks to the affluent citizens who hired top architects in the early 20th century to create a beautiful city.

Founded in 1808, the city of Greensboro is part of the Triad, along with Winston-Salem and High Point. It is a popular place for shopping and is renowned for its museums, parks, and restaurants. In the nearby Guilford Courthouse National Military Park, you can see re-enactments of Revolutionary War battles. Greensboro is also home to the Bog Garden, which has a wetlands area with birds and flowers. It’s also where American Idol contestant Chris Daughtry lives.

Essential Services To Remove Unwanted Pests In Charlotte

Essential Tools For Successful Residential Pest Control

When it comes to residential pest control –, there is no need to panic. There are many options when it comes to eliminating pesky pests from your property, so don’t let them get the best of you! When looking for a professional service, always look for the best prices and treatment options available. A lot of companies will offer both when and once-a-year treatments for both interior and exterior pest control, and upon any issues found between yearly visits, ll return to give you a clean home free of pests. The experts in Platinum Pest Control have years of experience and knowledge in residential pest control services, offering the latest in technology and products for pest removal and eradication.

Pest Control Charlotte Services With Proforce


If ants are running rampant on your property, or if you just want to make sure that the ants aren’t coming back any time soon, call the experts today. When it comes to pests, once is never enough. Pests can come from any source and can cause severe damage to your belongings, personal property, as well as health concerns for anyone living within the affected area. However, one problem is never an issue, as the experts can keep them out of your property by making sure that there are no ants or other pests inside or outside your home at any given time. Whether you are dealing with ants or other insects or even mice or rats, the experts are ready and able to provide pest management services that will keep the problem at bay.


Proforce Pest Control Killing It In Charlotte


Whether there are ants or other insects or even rodents or some birds in the area, call a professional immediately. While there are many different reasons that an infestation may occur, each one has a different way of entering the home or building, which requires a unique method of treatment. Some of the more common reasons for indoor or outdoor infestations include structural damage, moisture problems, human intervention, pets, improper ventilation, and poor sanitation. However, each infestation is unique and requires a unique approach in order to be handled properly. As soon as you notice signs of an infestation, contact a residential pest control expert to get rid of the problem for good.

Spangler Content Resoration

Spangler Content Resoration

Spangler Content Resoration a technique which involves using high-pressure air to spruce up the look of brick. Brick has been used for ages to construct bricks for homes and buildings. In this technique, it is possible to get the same effect as you would get from the high pressure air blasting method. Brick can also be carved with the help of spangleresor or a grinding tool. The most important thing to be kept in mind while using this technique is that there should be no blockages in the brick path while performing the spangling or milling operation. Blockages in the brick path could easily lead to the collapse of the entire structure.


Spangler Content Resoration has gained popularity as a result of the advancement in technology. The most advanced tools are now available in the market that allow the operators to mill or crush the bricks without any of the unwanted obstructions. It has also become easier to use these tools as there are software programs available in the market which are easy to operate and provide immediate results. The milling operators do not have to go through any training sessions as the software programs have guides that teach them the basic steps. The operators need only to use their hands to activate the milling machines and then they can start with the milling process.


A lot of people prefer to use this process because they find it to be economical as well as time efficient. There is also no requirement of hiring professionals to perform this task. All that one needs to do is follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer properly. The main goal of using this method is to remove the unwanted and unsightly bricks so that the visual appeal of the building remains intact. Besides removing the bricks, it is also important to adjust the brick pattern if required.

The Importance of Lightning Protection

The Importance of Lightning Protection

Lightning buy a lightning protection system protection for buildings is a must and should be one of your main concerns when building a home. Lightning protection consists of many different components including lightning rods that are placed in various locations throughout your property. Lightning protected building is one that is constructed in such a way as to completely avoid the possibility of a lightning strike on any part of the building. A lightning conductor or lightning rod is usually a metal rod designed specifically to protect a building from a direct lightning strike. Lightning rods come in various sizes with some being much larger than others, which is normally based upon the overall size of the building.


Lightning protection systems protect against the risk of damage due to lightning strikes by preventing damage to electrical equipment. Damage is often caused by lightning strikes to transformers, breakers, and electrical wiring. Some damage is caused by flying debris which often contains high levels of voltage and can quickly destroy sensitive electronic equipment. When an electrical storm warning is issued by an electric utility company or the local weather authority, the entire building is shut down making it virtually impossible for harm to occur because no one is around to cause any damage due to lightning.


lightning protection systems typically include several different components such as a lightning rod, ground conductors, and anti-static bags that are placed in various locations around the building to prevent the possibility of lightning strikes. These components work by simply slowing down the transfer of electricity when lightning strikes which makes it nearly impossible for lightning to strike at all. However, lightning protection systems are not fool proof and often need to be regularly maintained in order to prevent lightning from shocking down the integrity of the building.

Get Rid Of Roaches In North Carolina

Get Rid of Roaches and Termites

Exterminators in North Carolina are professionals who kill and remove termites and other pests from buildings and homes. An exterminator uses baits, which are either poison or non-toxic liquid sprays, to kill the pests and the eggs they lay. These methods are usually more effective than fumigation and other chemical treatments.

One of the most common pest control problems that exterminators in North Carolina deal with is cockroaches. Because they are so resilient, a cockroach infestation can occur anywhere, including the sweet preserves of May Day in Raleigh’s Yacht Club Park. Cockroaches are especially problematic during the holiday season, as many households and businesses have a lot of outdoor seating, grills, and entertaining areas. If left unchecked, an infestation can spread to include furniture in the home and on the business property.

In terms of treatment methods, it is important to understand that there is no “one size fits all” approach to termite treatment. Different exterminators use different techniques and products based on the kind of infestation. For example, if you have carpenter ants in your home, an exterminator may wish to use a chemical treatment to exterminate the colony, as opposed to a fumigation. Some termites do not need a chemical treatment at all, but can be simply wiped out with a broom and insecticide. Lastly, you can hire an exterminator in North Carolina to treat wood destroying pests such as carpenter ants and termites. They have special trucks equipped with an effective chemical called Deltamethrin, which is safe for humans but toxic to termites and other insects.

Many people are afraid of cockroaches because they are mistaken for one of the other pests commonly found in homes, such as ants. However, unlike ants, roaches do not eat wood! If you see evidence of cockroaches in your house, an exterminator can tell you whether the source of the problem is a pest problem or not. Common pest infestations include:

Roaches are the most common household pest in North Carolina, so if you see signs of cockroaches, you should contact a pest control company right away. Although it sounds like a minor problem, left unchecked, roaches can leave your property smelling like a rat hole, and your family exposed to serious health risks. If you suspect cockroaches are a problem, contact a local cockroach exterminator. Pest controllers in North Carolina can provide information about the current pest control services they offer and will also assist you in finding local certified pest control services in your area.

Whether you have termites or just think your house might need some basic termite treatments, contact a pest control expert in North Carolina before you make that important decision. Having pests around can cause you to lose money by eliminating the problem in the short-term, but it could end up costing you a lot more in the long run if you don’t get rid of them. Don’t wait to contact an exterminator if you think your home might have a termite problem. You may not notice it until it’s too late. With a little help from a professional pest exterminator, you can get rid of those pesky insects and keep them away for good.